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Year 2018 --

Project "The Twelve".

In this year, we are launching 12 New products by the end of December and target 2-3 million new users worldwide.

Year 2017 --

Achievements & Growth Rate.

According to Google Analytics reports, Storylie Network has 1 million monthly active users covering more than 50 countries. India covers 37.66% while Indonesia covers 10.59% and United States covers 2.36% users.

Started --

Story Behind It.

In early 2014, InternetBlog is a website that provides tech related informations in one place which has been collected from different sources. By the end of 2014, the idea of collecting tech informations has been changed to building applications. Later, all the products and applications were linked to a common parent network today known as Storylie Network.

1 Million active users from more than 50 countries.

10% Complete (success)

India (38%)

5% Complete (success)

Indonesia (11%)

5% Complete (success)

Pakistan (6.65%)

5% Complete (success)

Philippines (5.52%)

5% Complete (success)

United States (2.36%)